Board and Staff

These are some of the volunteers and staff who make HP CAV work in our community:

2023-2024 Executive Board Members
President:  Gretta Bush, City of High Point, Parks and Recreation, Founding Member

Vice President:  Bobby Davis, Retired, High Point Police Department, Founding Member

Secretary/Treasurer:  Connie Lawson, retired, Community Volunteer, Founding Member

Michelle McNair, City of High Point, Community Development and Housing

Brian Beasley, JD, High Point Police Department

Don Belton, Retired, Community Volunteer

Tom Blount, Retired, High Point Enterprise

Deion Pressley, appointed, Chief Probation/Parole Officer, NC Department of Public Safety, High Point Office

Kevin Ray, Assistant Chief, Investigations, appointed, High Point Police Department

Kelvin Sellers, Pastor, Second Chance Ministries

Derek Stafford, appointed, Captain of Security, High Point University

In Memoriam:

Linda R. Faircloth, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Robert Martin, Executive Director

Rhonda Wagner, Assistant Executive Director

Audra Kitchen, Bookkeeper

Ed Kimsey, Life Construction Program