Life Construction Program

Teaching people to use their hands in productive and positive ways.

In 2011, Ed Kimsey, a local licensed contractor, made an offer to HPCAV:  allow him to offer basic construction work training and “let’s see what can happen.” Today, the Life Construction Program has become our best asset for providing job preparedness.  Offered initially just for our clients (notified offenders), the Program has grown to include training for individuals who need a fresh start.  Twenty-two garden sheds and two houses (start to finish) have been built by this program.

Our partnerships include:

  • City of High Point, Department of Community Development and Housing, providing federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsored core city housing improvements for the past 10 years. Our clients work and are paid.  We started by building two garden sheds for the Southside and Oakview Recreation Center community gardens. This early work laid the foundation for our work with NCHAB.
  • NC Home Builder’s Association (NCHAB).  Begun in 2013, this eight week extended training, held twice annually, is open to our clients as well as anyone who meets the criteria set by the NCHAB.  As of June, 2023, we completed 20 classes with approximately 184 students and a 80% graduation rate. Participants receive a tool belt and tools at the beginning of the program and a certificate of completion at the end.  The final two weeks are spent working on a Habitat for Humanity house in High Point.  After graduation, two participants are selected, based on interviews, for a paid ten week internship with Habitat.
  • High Point Police Department. This grant funded carpentry mini-training class was offered to younger men and women involved in or at risk for gang involvement.  The three week program taught skills needed to be a carpenter’s helper. Participants received tools, boots, lunch box, graduation clothing and other basic necessities for work upon graduation.
  • A local company that installs heating and air conditioning units allows our clients to assist and gain experience in HVAC installation.
  • Area businesses, organizations and individuals that hire HPCAV for renovation and building projects.

Ed Kimsey is the project manager for HPCAV Life Construction Program. Ed graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He studied urban planning at the San Francisco School for the Arts and earned a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership from High Point University. His passion for urban architecture led him to HPCAV.