Each month the High Point Police Department shares the most recent data related to violent crimes, gang activity, gun seizures and other interactions with our community at the HPCAV monthly meeting. The information below is from the November 9, 2022 meeting.

Impact (Violent) Crimes

Impact or Violent crimes include crimes against persons (homicide, manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault) and crimes against property (burglary, auto theft, all larceny). We have had 13 homicides year to date, all with a firearm. We continue to have decreased crime in other areas thanks to the effective work of our police department. They do a lot of preventive work, which most of us never see. When the community joins in, solving crimes and preventing crimes is even more successful.

Click here to access crime statistics or crime in your neighborhood. is another source of accurate information.

Crime Trends

Reducing violence happens because our Police Department focuses on the right people.

Guns Seized

Seizing illegal guns continues to be a focus. Notice how many guns are being carried in vehicles.
The dark orange line represents the number of gun casings found at the scene of a shooting. These are entered into NIBIN, which helps law enforcement track the weapon and any involvement in other crimes.


Arresting the right people and getting a conviction is how we make High Point safer for everyone. Below is one of the most recent: