HPCAV Strategy

The Strategy: Focused Deterrence

Definition: Focused deterrence is a crime prevention program that targets a specified crime problem by applying a concentrated strategy or tactic within a specified high-crime-intensity area. (National Institute of Justice)

The strategy includes:

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  • Analyzing crime information to target drug dealers, suppliers and criminal activity. Being data driven ensures “fairness,” – we are going after the criminal activity, not any certain person or group for some unsubstantiated cause.
  • Understanding the local network through investigations and contact with offenders’ families.
  • Targeting enforcement while simultaneously offering assistance to offenders to help them choose to make a change.
  • Directly engaging law enforcement and the affected community. The Police Department and the HPCAV members go into communities for meetings to share information and to listen, keeping the affected communities engaged as part of the solution.
  • Holding highly coordinated, face to face meetings with offenders (notifications or “call ins”)

Focused deterrence has proven to be extremely successful in reducing gun, drug and gang-related violence in High Point. In fact, our city has enjoyed a sustained reduction in spite of the growth in our population. In April 2012, we began applying this strategy to domestic violence offenders.  See our Domestic Violence Initiative page for more information.

High Point is featured in the National Network for Safe Communities Group Violence Intervention Implementation Guide.

For a historical perspective, please read Drugs,Race and Common Ground: Reflections on the High Point Initiative, by David Kennedy.