What We Do

Everything High Point Community Against Violence does is a part of our collaborative effort with area law enforcement, particularly the High Point Police Department and the NC Division of Community Corrections (Probation and Parole),  to reduce violent crime.

When we as a citizens group encounter violent crime offenders (who have been carefully selected based on their documented criminal and violent activities) and give them the direct face to face message that, “We ARE sick and tired of your violence, we will not stand for it and you are going to cease from these actions,” we stand up for the expectations of the greater community and send the message of what is and what is not acceptable.  And when we tell the same group of offenders that,  “Whereas we do not approve of your violent actions, we do care about you and want you to change your ways for your sake and the sake of our community,” this message is powerful and actually is a huge part of our success in helping lower violent crime.  So many offenders have stated that they have never been told and had explained to them why their actions are wrong.


  • Encounters offenders with a message that violence will not be tolerated. 
  • Offers whatever assistance we can to help them turn from violence to a peaceful lifestyle.
  • Offers job coaching, training and assistance to prepare for a job opportunity as we are able.
  • Sponsors job training.
  • Assists, in certain cases, with partial payments for rent or utilities.
  • Provides transportation assistance (bus passes) for people who are going to job interviews or for medical/behavioral treatment.
  • Refers our offenders to partner agencies for assistance like food and emergency shelter where they meet criteria.
  • Pays for certain job-related certifications and trainings.

We do not GET jobs for people.  Our offenders must get their own jobs; we are in a supportive role.

We receive people as they are.  We:

  • Listen.
  • Give a 24 hour, seven day a week open ear to the offender’s concerns.
  • Allow the offenders to vent their frustrations and find a positive use for their negative energy.
  • Are a presence for the people we confront; they have so much instability in their lives, but they can count on us.
  • Offer limited assistance with necessary prescription drugs when our budget allows.
  • Remind the people on whom we focus that we care, but if they choose to reoffend, we will also assist with their criminal prosecution as needed by the court.

BOTTOM LINE:  we work to build a safer community for all citizens.  The safety of our community comes first.