Each month the High Point Police Department shares the most recent data related to violent crimes, gang activity, gun seizures and non-enforcement interactions with our community (presentations, etc.) at the HPCAV monthly meeting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, HPCAV did not meet in May. The information below was provided electronically by the High Point Police Department.

Community Related Calls

These are invitations to participate in meetings or requests for information and presentations, not enforcement calls. This year to date, HP Police have responded to 538 calls.

Impact (Violent) Crimes

As of May 10, 2020

Homicides (-67%) and Aggravated Assaults (-12%) are down compared to last year. Robberies continue, but are coming down slowly. This quarter, we had 15 compared to 12 this time last year. Property crimes are down (-8%) except for larceny/shoplifting which is up 1%.

Crime Overview

Overall impact crime is down three (3) percent compared to last year at this time. Click here to access crime statistics or crime in your neighborhood.

Guns Seized 2020

Year to date: 154 guns have been confiscated, seized or found, year to date.

COVID 19 Impact

High Point has seen a comparative increase in robbery (46%), larceny from automobile (34%), domestic disturbances (28%), and heroin overdoses (33%) compared to the same time period the previous year. All other key impact persons and property crimes – homicide (-100%), manslaughter (-100%), rape (-44%), aggravated assault (-11%), burglary (-40%), larceny (-5%), and public disturbances(-6%) – are below numbers from the previous year.