We Mean What We Say

One of the things HPCAV does is show up in court when individuals who have been notified are charged with new crimes.  If we have made the offer of help and done our part, and the individual chooses to continue committing criminal acts, then we follow through on our promise:  to stand with law enforcement and do everything we can to see that individual is no longer a part of our community.  It happened again today, September 16.

A notified offender, who has been charged in more crimes, was in court today for a bond hearing.  Several HPCAV members went to share what services had been offered as well as their concerns about this individual and his behavior.  The result?  His bond amount was increased, which should ensure he will remain in jail pending his trial.

This matters!  We do what we promise during notifications.  And his being in jail means one less person creating havoc and harming people in our city.

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